Some electric eels coordinate attacks to zap their prey

Volta's electric eel

One Volta’s electric eel — able to subdue small fish with an 860-volt jolt — is scary enough. Now imagine over 100 eels swirling about, unleashing coordinated electric attacks. Such a sight was assumed to be only the stuff of nightmares, at least for prey. Researchers have long thought that these eels, a type of […]

Ogre-faced spiders ‘hear’ airborne prey with their legs — ScienceDaily

In the dark of night, ogre-faced spiders with dominating big eyes dangle from a silk frame to cast a web and capture their ground prey. But these spiders also can capture insects flying behind them with precision, and Cornell University scientists have now confirmed how. In a new study, researchers confirmed these spiders use metatarsal […]

How Venus flytraps store short-term ‘memories’ of prey

A Venus flytrap’s short-term “memory” can last about 30 seconds. If an insect taps the plant’s sensitive hairs only once, the trap remains still. But if the insect taps again within about half a minute, the carnivorous plant’s leaves snap shut, ensnaring its prey. How Venus flytraps (Dionaea muscipula) remember that initial touch has been […]