Physicists invent printable superconducting device

Credit: Leiden Institute of Physics Superconducting devices such as SQUIDS (Superconducting Quantum Interferometry Device) can perform ultra-sensitive measurements of magnetic fields. Leiden physicsts invented a method to 3-D-print these and other superconducting devices in minutes. “Fabricating superconducting devices on a computer chip is a multi-step and demanding procedure, requiring dedicated facilities,” says Kaveh Lahabi, a […]

Printable ink guides cell growth, offers nerve injury hope

IMAGE: A magnified image show neurons growing in a line along the printable bioconductive ink. view more  Credit: RMIT University Researchers have developed a neuron-growing ink that uses the body’s own electrical signals to precisely guide the growth of nerve cells. The bioconductive ink can be printed in lines to direct where neurons grow, cracking a […]