Best food processor: Chop your way to easy meal prep

Great food processors to help with your meal prep. (Hermes Rivera via Unsplash /) We all want more time, and the best food processors can offer you just that. Kitchen appliances are usually designed to perform one job really well, and when it comes to food processors, that job is to speed up and improve […]

HKU research team invents novel light-controlled contamination-free fluidic processor

A mechanical engineering research team at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) has invented a novel light-controlled, contamination-free fluidic processor, which can serve as a useful tool to greatly reduce the risk of infection of front-line medical workers in testing virus or bacteria in big pandemics like the current COVID-19 pandemic, and to minimise the […]

Searching databases without a processor

A new computing paradigm could help us to overcome a key performance bottleneck to improve our ability to query large data bases. Databases are central to information technology and the digital universe in general. When querying large databases, one of the main challenges is to retrieve the stored data and to bring it to the […]