Study shows minimal impact of APPs on ED productivity, flow, safety, patient experience

IMAGE: US national emergency medicine group: 13,024,216 visits, 105,863 emergency department days, 94 general emergency departments, and 19 states. view more  Credit: KIRSTY CHALLEN, B.SC., MBCHB, MRES, PH.D., LANCASHIRE TEACHING HOSPITALS, UNITED KINGDOM DES PLAINES, IL — Advanced practice providers (APPs) have lower productivity compared with emergency department physicians, seeing fewer and less complex patients and […]

A Promising Development for Detecting Ocean Productivity

The ocean’s primary productivity—the pace at which organisms photosynthesize organic compounds—is an integral part of the global carbon cycle that affects the cycling of important nutrients and trace metals in marine ecosystems. Ocean primary productivity also controls carbon dioxide exchange between the air and the sea, which in turn affects the concentration of […]