Oncotarget: Evaluation of cellular alteration & inflammatory profile of cells

IMAGE: Percentage of apoptosis in PMC, A549 and/or MCF7 after 24 hours exposed to talc. PMC = pleural mesothelial cells; NC = neoplastic cells. *p view more  Credit: Correspondence to – Milena Marques Pagliarelli Acencio – milena.acencio@incor.usp.br Oncotarget recently published “Evaluation of cellular alterations and inflammatory profile of mesothelial cells and/or neoplastic cells exposed to talc […]

A novel vaccine additive shows good safety profile

A new vaccine adjuvant, which helps stimulate the immune system, has been developed based on two chemicals that are produced by the body. Like all the best science stories, the field of adjuvant science began when a researcher noticed something odd. Back in the 1920s, Gaston Ramon’s job was to inject horses with tetanus and […]