How effective are educational support programs for children with cancer?

As children undergo treatment for cancer, they may miss school and risk falling behind in their education. An analysis published in Pyscho-Oncology has examined the educational support programs provided to children with cancer. The analysis looked at several different peer programs, teacher programs, and school re-entry programs. School re-entry programs appeared to provide a promising […]

Students Learn New Skills with Scientist-in-Training Programs

Dozens of researchers preparing to present their findings at one of the world’s largest scientific meetings are just teenagers. They’re part of AGU’s Bright Students Training as Research Scientists (Bright STaRS) program, which affords middle and high school students a unique opportunity to stand in the shoes of professional scientists at AGU’s Fall […]

Why school bullying prevention programs that involve peers may be harmful to victims

School bullying has been identified as harmful to students’ mental health. Many studies have evaluated the effectiveness of bullying prevention programs, finding mixed results in general and no benefits overall for secondary school students. Looking at the specific components of bullying prevention programs helps to explain the complicated pattern: Unlike intensive programs that include parent […]