Electric propulsion makes this French submarine concept extra sneaky

The SMX31E would measure 262 feet long and could debut between 2040 and 2050. (Naval Group/) For those navies that would like to be able to field powerful submarines but cannot afford nuclear-powered vessels, lack the know-how to build one, or have other limitations, France’s Naval Group has an answer: the SMX31E, which can theoretically […]

Squid jet propulsion can enhance design of underwater robots, vehicles

IMAGE: Development of the vorticity pattern into symmetry-breaking instability. view more  Credit: Yang Luo WASHINGTON, November 3, 2020 — Squids and other cephalopods use a form of jet propulsion that is not well understood, especially when it comes to their hydrodynamics under turbulent flow conditions. Discovering their secrets can help create new designs for bioinspired underwater […]