An unexpected, and novel, target for prostate cancer – our biological clock

PHILADELPHIA – Our biological or circadian clock synchronizes all our bodily processes to the natural rhythms of light and dark. It’s no wonder then that disrupting the clock can wreak havoc on our body. In fact, studies have shown that when circadian rhythms are disturbed through sleep deprivation, jet lag, or shift work, there is […]

Scientists study use of abundant enzyme in tumor cells to monitor cancer treatment

IMAGE: The team led by Carmen Ferreira-Halder at Unicamps Bioassay and Signal Tranduction Laboratory conclude that the molecule is associated with chemotherapy resistance and metastasis. view more  Credit: Roberta Ruela de Souza The abundant presence of an enzyme known as low molecular weight protein tyrosine phosphatase (LMWPTP) in tumor cells has long been considered an indicator […]

New clues to prostate cancer

IMAGE: Flinders University Associate Professor Luke Selth, from the Flinders Health and Medical Research Institute. view more  Credit: The Hospital Research Foundation Australian research has identified a new mechanism in which prostate cancer cells can ‘switch’ character and become resistant to therapy. These findings, just published in Cell Reports, are an important development in unravelling how […]

Cancer’s intelligence | EurekAlert! Science News

Dr. J. James Frost and The International Journal of Unconventional Computing will soon be publishing “Cancer’s Intelligence” which reports that Cancer can be analyzed as an intelligent system of collaborating and computing cells. The limitations of the current regime of cancer research and treatment are addressed, and the resultant need for new paradigmatic thinking is […]

Study examines health literacy and shared decision-making in prostate cancer screening

New research examines the dynamics between men’s health literacy, their discussions with their doctors, and their decisions on whether to get tested for prostate-specific antigen (PSA), a potential marker of prostate cancer. The findings are published early online in CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society (ACS). Controversy exists over PSA testing for […]

Association between African American race, clinical outcomes in men treated for low-risk prostate cancer with active surveillance

What The Study Did: This observational study estimates the 10-year risk for disease progression, surgery, metastasis, and cause-specific and all-cause mortality among African American men with low-risk prostate cancer managed with active surveillance. ### Authors: Brent S. Rose, M.D., of the VHA San Diego Health Care System and the University of California San Diego School of […]

Skilled surgeons boost colon cancer survival by 70%

‘This is pretty mind blowing’ Patients treated by highly skilled surgeons are more likely to survive long-term Ask your surgeon how many similar procedures they have done Colon cancer is one of most common in U.S. CHICAGO — Patients of more technically skilled surgeons, as assessed by review of operative video, have better long-term survival […]

Greater prostate cancer incidence; mortality among Black men linked to genetic alterations

Bottom Line: Prostate cancer tumors from African American men had higher frequencies of certain genetic alterations that may be associated with aggressive disease, compared with prostate cancer tumors from white men. Journal in Which the Study was Published: Molecular Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research Author: Jianfeng Xu, DrPH, Vice […]

Cancer’s dangerous renovations to our chromosomes revealed

IMAGE: Chongzhi Zang, PhD, a computational biologist with the University of Virginia’s Center for Public Health Genomics, has revealed the dangerous changes cancer makes to our chromosomes to build itself a… view more  Credit: Courtesy Zang lab Cancer remodels the architecture of our chromosomes so the disease can take hold and spread, researchers at the University […]