Effective planning ahead protects fish and fisheries

Construction of the Block Island Wind Farm off Rhode Island, the first offshore wind farm in the United States. It began commercial operations in December 2016. Credit: NOAA Fisheries Conservation of fish and other marine life migrating from warming ocean waters will be more effective and also protect commercial fisheries if plans are made now […]

Mineral body armor protects some leaf-cutting ants in battle

Leaf-cutting worker ants might look like they’d be helpless against an enemy soldier ant many times their size. But some of the smaller ants have a secret: Their entire body is coated with a thin but tough layer of mineral armor. It’s the first time that this type of external, whole-body mineralization has been found […]

Wearing a cloth face mask protects you and others from getting COVID-19, CDC says

Cloth face masks offer two-way protection, benefitting both the wearer and those around them, according to updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Previously, the CDC had emphasized the role of cloth face masks in blocking the release of infectious virus particles when the wearer coughs, sneezes or talks, thus protecting […]

Vaccine protects animals against tick-borne Powassan virus, an emerging infectious disease — ScienceDaily

Scientists at The Wistar Institute have designed and tested the first-of-its-kind synthetic DNA vaccine against Powassan virus (POWV), targeting portions of the virus envelope protein. A rapidly reemerging tick-borne disease, POWV has been reported to be fatal in 10% of infected people with detrimental neurological consequences including encephalitis and meningitis. This new POWV vaccine candidate, […]

Vitamin B3 protects skin cells from the effects of UV exposure, new research finds

LUGANO, 31 October, 2020 – Research presented today at EADV’s 29th Congress, EADV Virtual, shows hope that a form of vitamin B3 could protect skin cells from the effects of ultraviolet (UV) exposure: the main risk factor for non-melanoma skin cancers (1). Researchers in Italy isolated cells (human primary keratinocytes) from the skin of patients […]

Membrane-attached protein protects bacteria and chloroplasts from stress — ScienceDaily

Stress is present everywhere, even bacteria and plant cells have to cope with it. They express various specific stress proteins, but how exactly this line of defense works is often not clear. A group of scientists headed by Professor Dirk Schneider of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) has now discovered a protective mechanism in cyanobacteria […]