Innovative proton conductor developed to be effective at high temperatures — ScienceDaily

A collaborative research team, including Los Alamos National Laboratory, University of Stuttgart (Germany), University of New Mexico, and Sandia National Laboratories, has developed a proton conductor for fuel cells based on polystyrene phosphonic acids that maintain high protonic conductivity up to 200 C without water. They describe the material advance in a paper published this […]

Giant leap toward solving proton charge radius puzzle

Alexey Grinin and Dery Taray are working on the vacuum system of the 1S-3S experiment. Credit: Max Planck Society Physicists at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics have tested quantum mechanics to a completely new level of precision using hydrogen spectroscopy, and in doing so they came much closer to solving the well-known proton […]

ASTRO: Proton therapy for lung cancer may help reduce risk of heart diseases

PHILADEPHIA–Treating lung cancer patients with proton therapy may help reduce the risk of radiation-induced heart diseases, suggests a new study from Penn Medicine. In a retrospective trial of more than 200 patients, mini-strokes were significantly less common among patients who underwent proton therapy versus conventional photon-based radiation therapy. Proton therapy patients also experienced fewer heart […]