Researchers prove fish-friendly detection method more sensitive than electrofishing

USDA Forest Service research fish biologist Brooke Penaluna collects water samples to test for fish eDNA. Credit: Brooke Penaluna Delivering a minor electric shock into a stream to reveal any fish lurking nearby may be the gold standard for detecting fish populations, but it’s not much fun for the trout. Scientists at Oregon State University […]

Facial recognition still can’t prove someone’s identity

This is a stock image of a crowd from an unspecified event, but it’s how many TV shows and movies depict facial recognition. (Rob Curran via Unsplash/) On Wednesday night, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) took to the floor of the House to claim members of the mob that descended on the Capitol building earlier […]

Sharing doesn’t make you a sucker. This scientist has the numbers to prove it.

Athena Aktipis calls Arizona her home base, but her teams projects spans multiple communities, countries, and continents. (Caitlin O’Hara/) When British-American anthropologist Colin Turnbull published The Mountain People in 1972, he dubbed his subjects—a Ugandan group called the Ik—”the loveless people.” After two years of observations, he decided that they reflected humanity’s basest instincts: adultery, […]