Ancient wolf pup mummy in Yukon permafrost from 57,000 years ago — ScienceDaily

While water blasting at a wall of frozen mud in Yukon, Canada, a gold miner made an extraordinary discovery: a perfectly preserved wolf pup that had been locked in permafrost for 57,000 years. The remarkable condition of the pup, named Zhùr by the local Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in people, gave researchers a wealth of insights about her […]

Exquisitely-preserved wolf pup mummy discovered in Yukon permafrost

A female wolf pup mummy, perfectly preserved as it remained locked in permafrost for 57,000 years, is finally giving up some of its secrets, including how the grey wolf died and ended up alone in the ice so long ago. The mummified grey wolf (Canis lupus) was discovered by a gold miner excavating permafrost in […]