Would you eat a python to save the Everglades?

Floridians could begin seeing a new slithery item on their menus — Burmese pythons. The invasive species is so out of control in the state that the government may begin encouraging the new meal as a way to help keep the snake’s numbers under control, as long as they aren’t filled with toxic mercury.  Before […]

World’s oldest python fossil unearthed

Scientists have discovered fossils of the oldest python on record, a slithery beast that lived 48 million years ago in what is now Germany.  Found near an ancient lake, the snake remains are helping researchers learn where pythons originated. Previously, it wasn’t clear whether pythons came from continents in the Southern Hemisphere, where they live […]

Hunters bag record-breaking python in Florida Everglades

Hunters Kevin Pavlidis (L) and Ryan Ausburn (R) pose with their record-breaking 18-foot, 8.8-inch (5.7-meter) python on October 2, 2020 Two Florida hunters set a new record when they caught a Burmese python that measured a whopping 18 feet, 8.8 inches (5.71 meters), authorities in the southern state said Friday, as they encourage more people […]