Meta-Apo supports cheaper, quicker microbiome functional assessment

IMAGE: Meta-Apo algorithm improves 16S-based microbiome diagnoses view more  Credit: JING Gongchao A new algorithm may reduce the need for expensive, time-consuming whole-genome sequencing computations to understand how a microbiome functions. A team led by JING Gongchao of the Qingdao Institute of BioEnergy and Bioprocess Technology (QIBEBT) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and SU […]

A new tool to facilitate quicker, error-free software design

Any building project requires the formulation of a series of initial plans prior to starting construction to serve as a basis and guide for the whole process. A similar procedure is followed in software development, with the inclusion of a specific step known as modelling. “The process is equivalent to the production of a set […]

Earth is whipping around quicker than it has in a half-century

Even time did not escape 2020 unscathed.  The 28 fastest days on record (since 1960) all occurred in 2020, with Earth completing its revolutions around its axis milliseconds quicker than average. That’s not particularly alarming — the planet’s rotation varies slightly all the time, driven by variations in atmospheric pressure, winds, ocean currents and the […]