Fluffy rats with poison fur have a snuggly social side

crested rats

Crested rats don’t just chew tree bark that’s poisonous enough to kill an elephant. The rabbit-sized rodents dribble and lick the toxic drool into their long rat fluff for a weaponized hairdo. Yet these dangerous rats, which scientists assumed were loners, turn out to have a close and cuddly family life. They even purr. Chewing […]

Effect of odor on helpfulness in rats — ScienceDaily

Despite their reputation, rats are surprisingly sociable and actually regularly help each other out with tasks. Researchers at the Universities of Göttingen, Bern and St Andrews have now shown that a rat just has to smell the scent of another rat that is engaged in helpful behaviour to increase his or her own helpfulness. This […]

Naked mole rats kidnap other mole rat babies. And the creepiness doesn’t stop there.

Naked mole rats are beloved for having some of the strangest mammalian superpowers. They can resist cancers, defy the usual mammalian aging process, survive almost 20 minutes without oxygen, and tolerate surprisingly high levels of pain.  But it turns out these highly social freaks of nature have a nasty little secret that makes them more supervillain than superhero. Naked […]