A Tried-and-True Medium to Broaden the Reach of Science

The importance of communicating science to the public is being increasingly recognized in light of ongoing climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, and many other issues affecting everyday people. However, most current outreach endeavors—science days, open houses, podcasting, and the like—skew heavily toward middle- and upper-class audiences. Even the Internet is not universal. As […]

Simulations that reach biological timescales

A new computational technique allows researchers to model biological processes with better accuracy and at a lower computational cost. Image credit: National Cancer Institute Timing plays a crucial role in biological processes, and computer simulations have helped advance our understanding. Modelling pathways such as DNA synthesis and repair or trafficking cargo between different cellular compartments […]

US could reach ‘net-zero’ carbon by 2050. Here’s how.

The U.S. can cut its carbon output to zero by the middle of the 21st century, according to a sweeping new Princeton University study. In such a “net-zero” scenario, the American carbon output would be equal to or lesser to the carbon pulled out of the atmosphere on U.S. soil.  But to get there, the […]