A new orange and black bat species is always ready for Halloween

Orange and black bat species

Bats, better known for their mousy looks, can have a colorful side. A new species, discovered when two bats were caught at an abandoned miners’ tunnel in western Africa, sports showy swathes of orange fur. The new finds “are just gorgeous,” says mammalogist Nancy Simmons of the National Museum of Natural History in New York […]

Nanomedicine’s ‘crown’ is ready for its close up

Credit: CC0 Public Domain An international team of researchers led by Michigan State University’s Morteza Mahmoudi has developed a new method to better understand how nanomedicines—emerging diagnostics and therapies that are very small yet very intricate—interact with patients’ biomolecules. Medicines based on nanoscopic particles have the promise to be more effective than current therapies while […]

That Black Friday TV may not be ready for your Xbox Series X or PS5

You’re going to have to step up from the super-cheap Black Friday TVs to get the best performance out of your new gaming console. (TCL/) Hook up a new Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 to that television you got on Black Friday in 2008 and you’re not going to make the most of your […]

Coronavirus vaccine could be ready for all Americans by April, Fauci says

A coronavirus vaccine could be available to the general U.S. population by April 2021, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told CNN Tuesday (Nov. 10). This comes on the the heels of Pfizer’s announcement that its experimental coronavirus vaccine, developed with German drug company BioNTech, may be […]

Getting single-crystal diamond ready for electronics

IMAGE: Shape of mosaic single crystal diamond substrate before and after plasma-assisted polishing. view more  Credit: Osaka University Osaka, Japan – Silicon has been the workhorse of electronics for decades because it is a common element, is easy to process, and has useful electronic properties. A limitation of silicon is that high temperatures damage it, which […]