Molecule that regulates muscle adaptation to exercise is discovered

An article in Cell by researchers affiliated with Harvard and the University of São Paulo shows that the metabolite succinate is released by muscle cells during physical exercise and triggers a process of tissue remodeling that makes muscles stronger and enhances metabolic efficiency. Credit: Sammy-Williams / Pixabay) The onset of any physical exercise program causes […]

Study reveals how retinoic acid regulates brood pouch formation and pregnancy of male seahorses

Regulatory role of retinoic acid in the brood pouch formation and pregnancy of male seahorses. Credit: SCSIO Seahorses have the unique characteristic of male pregnancy, which includes the carrying of many embryos in a brood pouch that incubates and nourishes the embryos, similar to the mammalian placenta. However, the regulatory networks underlying brood pouch formation […]

Circular RNA regulates neuronal differentiation by scaffolding an inhibitory transcription complex — ScienceDaily

In a screening for a functional impact to the neuronal differentiation process, Danish researchers identified a specific circular RNA, circZNF827, which surprisingly “taps the brake” on neurogenesis. The results provide an interesting example of co-evolution of a circRNA, and its host-encoded protein product, that regulate each other’s function, to directly impact the fundamental process of […]