Animals with more genetic variation are more likely to survive relocation — ScienceDaily

In Nevada’s dry Ivanpah Valley, just southeast of Las Vegas, a massive unintended experiment in animal conservation has revealed an unexpected result. From 1997 to 2014, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service moved more than 9,100 Mojave desert tortoises to the 100-square-kilometer (about 39 miles square) Large Scale Translocation Site. The newcomers, many of which […]

Women Who Lead Episode 2: Relocation

Women Who Lead Episode 2 is here: Relocation. In this exciting episode, Leanne speaks to Tania Thomas, US/Global Regulatory Affairs lead at GSK to discuss seeking opportunities and taking risks. What gives more of a chance for success, taking more responsibilities or relocating? Listen to Tania’s engaging story, a charming delivery that explores her journey to […]