Ion beam breeding to the rescue — ScienceDaily

A research team led by scientists at the RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science (RNC) has successfully created larger-than-usual strains of zooplankton — which are used in fish nurseries — by creating mutations with a heavy ion beam. The new strains of zooplankton could contribute to improving the survival rate and optimizing the growth of […]

Fluoride to the rescue? — ScienceDaily

Scientists have long been aware of the dangerous overuse of antibiotics and the increasing number of antibiotic-resistant microbes that have resulted. While over-prescription of antibiotics for medicinal use has unsettling implications for human health, so too does the increasing presence of antibiotics in the natural environment. The latter may stem from the improper disposal of […]

Chronic stress? Zebrafish to the rescue

IMAGE: Zebrafish view more  Credit: Natalia Arefieva/MIPT Press Office A team of researchers led by MIPT’s Allan Kalueff has studied chronic stress in zebrafish and determined that the animal can serve as a valuable model species for research into the associated brain diseases, complementing research currently done on rodents. The paper was published in Scientific Reports. […]

Rescue dried-out cheese with this simple trick

It’s just cheese, olive oil, and some herbs or spices. (Matt Taylor-Gross/) This story was originally featured on Saveur. When Pedro, my host father, offered me some cheese, I didn’t expect him to reach into the kitchen cupboard. The previous weeks as an American teenager in Castilla-La Mancha had felt like Spanish culinary hazing: I’d […]