Rethinking spin chemistry from a quantum perspective

A quantum circuit that enables for the maximum probability of P(0) in the measurement of the parameter J. Credit: K. Sugisaki, K. Sato and T. Takui Researchers at Osaka City University use quantum superposition states and Bayesian inference to create a quantum algorithm, easily executable on quantum computers, that accurately and directly calculates energy differences […]

Rethinking the Concept of Virtual Water in the Global Trade Market

In 2008, British geographer John Anthony Allan received the Stockholm Water Prize for developing the concept of virtual water. The concept of virtual water proposes that when goods and services are exchanged, the water involved in making those goods and services is exchanged, too. Accounting for the “hidden” amounts of water that go […]

Rethinking Darwin’s Theory of Atoll Formation

Almost 200 years ago, during his voyage on the HMS Beagle, Charles Darwin charted reef systems around the world, many of them with astonishing accuracy. On the basis of his observations, he formed a theory for the formation of reef systems. A new paper challenges Darwin’s theory. In Darwin’s model, corals first form […]