Review of cognitive testing studies reveals how adding computer simulations could help — ScienceDaily

The introduction of computer simulation to the identification of symptoms in children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has potential to provide an additional objective tool to gauge the presence and severity of behavioral problems, Ohio State University researchers suggest in a new publication. Most mental health disorders are diagnosed and treated based on clinical interviews […]

Researchers publish review article on the physics of interacting particles

Time axis showing the number of publications relating to dynamical density functional theory. Credit: M. te Vrugt et al. Scientific articles in the field of physics are mostly very short and deal with a very restricted topic. A remarkable exception to this is an article published recently by physicists from the Universities of Münster and […]

Xplore 2020 Review – Xplore Life Science

Career Advice Medical Affairs Pharma Join the Xplore team as we look back at this year and forward to 2021. Key highlights include: Our continued and consistent customer service, enabling us to continue to provide opportunities for our candidate communities. We continue to build & invest in our key core areas; […]