Bangladesh zoo seeks mate for lonely Kanchi the Rhino

Kanchi the rhino at a Bangladeshi zoo has been alone since the death of her partner in 2014 A lonely rhinoceros at a Bangladesh zoo is looking for new love after losing her partner seven years ago, but pandemic travel restrictions are hampering her keeper’s attempts to play matchmaker. Kanchi, a star attraction at the […]

Well-preserved Ice Age woolly rhino found in Siberia

This photo taken in Aug. 2020 shows the carcass of a woolly rhino, taken in Yakutia, The well-preserved carcass with most of its internal organs still intact was released by permafrost in August and scientists hope to transport it to the lab for studies next month. (Valery Plotnikov/Mammoth Fauna Study Department at the Academy of […]

Researchers turn DNA detectives to aid rhino poaching prosecutions with forensic evidence

Indian Rhino Mother and Calf. Credit: Tista Ghosh Researchers at the Wildlife Institute of India (WII), have, for the first time, used unique DNA markers to provide forensic evidence for alleged poaching cases involving the Indian rhino. The project is part of the Rhino DNA Indexing System (RhODIS- India) conservation program. This database has been […]