Ripples in space-time could provide clues to missing components of the universe

An illustration of waves blending and creating a distinct new signature. Credit: Ezquiaga and Zumalácarregui There’s something a little off about our theory of the universe. Almost everything fits, but there’s a fly in the cosmic ointment, a particle of sand in the infinite sandwich. Some scientists think the culprit might be gravity—and that subtle ripples […]

Identifying primordial ripples would be key to understanding the conditions of the early universe — ScienceDaily

In the moments immediately following the Big Bang, the very first gravitational waves rang out. The product of quantum fluctuations in the new soup of primordial matter, these earliest ripples through the fabric of space-time were quickly amplified by inflationary processes that drove the universe to explosively expand. Primordial gravitational waves, produced nearly 13.8 billion […]

Gravity Waves Leave Ripples Across a Glowing Night Sky

Waves propelled through the air by distant thunderstorms produced glowing bands in the sky during a 2016 “bright night” event, when the atmosphere was illuminated by a green glow visible to the naked eye. The ripples disturbed an atmospheric layer nearly 90 kilometers (56 miles) above El Leoncito Astronomical Complex in Argentina, at […]