Suicide Rates May Rise After Natural Disasters

Content warning: This article discusses suicide and potential risk factors of suicide. Natural disasters can continue to cause pain long after homes have been rebuilt and businesses reopened. According to a recent U.S.-based study, rates of suicide increase somewhat during the first 3 years postdisaster. “These are, in a sense, preventable deaths.” “These […]

Six-fold rise in brain pressure disorder that affects mostly women

A brain pressure disorder that especially affects women, causing severe headaches and sometimes permanent sight loss, has risen six-fold in 15 years, and is linked to obesity and deprivation, a new study by Swansea University researchers has shown. Rates of emergency hospital admissions in Wales for people with the disorder were also five times higher […]

Methamphetamine overdose deaths rise sharply nationwide — ScienceDaily

Methamphetamine overdose deaths surged in an eight-year period in the United States, according to a study published today in JAMA Psychiatry. The analysis revealed rapid rises across all racial and ethnic groups, but American Indians and Alaska Natives had the highest death rates overall. The research was conducted at the National Institute on Drug Abuse […]

Astronomers document the rise and fall of a rarely observed stellar dance

An image from the Digitized Sky Survey showing HS Hydra in the center. Credit: Space Telescope Science Institute The sun is the only star in our system. But many of the points of light in our night sky are not as lonely. By some estimates, more than three-quarters of all stars exist as binaries—with one […]

In 2021, a new wave of evictions could also fuel a rise in COVID cases

In many cases, an eviction filing is enough to get tenants to move out, even though it technically is only the start of a larger process and tenants are not legally required to move out upon receiving the notice. (Pixabay/) Millions of Americans are at risk of being evicted from their homes in 2021. Research […]

Chile awaits total eclipse of the sun as Covid restrictions rise

Asronomers preparing telescopes to observe the total eclipse of the sun from the Silla Observatory in the Atacama desert in July 2019 Chileans will turn their eyes to the sky on Monday to admire a total eclipse of the sun, but unlike last year’s phenomenon their numbers will be severely reduced by coronavirus restrictions. Some […]

Researchers explore population size, density in rise of centralized power in antiquity — ScienceDaily

Early populations shifted from quasi-egalitarian hunter-gatherer societies to communities governed by a centralized authority in the middle to late Holocene, but how the transition occurred still puzzles anthropologists. A University of Maine-led group of researchers contend that population size and density served as crucial drivers. Anthropology professor Paul “Jim” Roscoe led the development of Power […]

Charleston weighs wall as seas rise and storms strengthen

As high tide laps against the sea wall tourist walk down the Battery in Charleston, S.C. Friday, Nov. 13, 2020. Charleston has remained relatively unscathed this hurricane season. That means more time to mull a $1.75 billion proposal by the Army Corps of Engineers that features a sea wall along the city’s peninsula to protect […]

Sea Level Rise May Erode Development in Africa

Sea level rise and extreme weather associated with climate change are threats to human health, safety, food and water security, and socioeconomic development in Africa, climate change experts said in a new report. “Climate change is having a growing impact on the African continent, hitting the most vulnerable hardest, and contributing to food […]