Woman’s garden ‘stepping stone’ turns out to be an ancient Roman artifact

A seemingly dull marble slab, used for 10 years as a stepping stone in an English garden, is actually a rare ancient Roman engraving, a new analysis finds.  The discovery surprised its owner, who learned that the 25-inch-long (63 centimeters) slab — a stone she had previously used as a stair while mounting her horse […]

66 Roman Army camps in northern Spain shed light on infamous conquest

A vast network of dozens of Roman Army camps have been discovered in a mountainous region of northern Spain.  The camps show just how big the Roman military was around 2,000 years ago during the conquest of the Iberian Peninsula.  “They reveal the intense Roman activity at the entrance to the Cantabrian Mountains during the […]

Roman citizens paid emperor piles of silver to leave them alone, inscription reveals

An ancient Greek inscription dating to the second century A.D. is essentially a thank-you note for a shady cash gift, a new translation reveals. The inscription immortalized the words of a Roman emperor who accepted piles of silver from a city anxious to demonstrate its loyalty.  During a time of political upheaval in the Roman […]