Research finds people more likely to follow Covid rules when friends and family do

New research has shown that people are more likely to follow Covid-19 restrictions based on what their friends do, rather than their own principles. Research led by the University of Nottingham carried out in partnership with experts in collective behaviour from British, French, German and American universities shows how social influence affects people’s adherance to […]

COVID vaccines are getting thrown out thanks to strict distribution rules

Effective vaccines are still our best way to end the COVID-19 pandemic, but so far, their distribution has been off to a slow start. (Pixabay/) While 2021 has already had enough events to last a decade, we are technically still in the first half of January. And many Americans, myself included, have a lot of […]

Deadly centipede ‘king’ rules over a poison hellscape cave

A venomous centipede is the top predator in a pitch-black poison cave that hasn’t seen daylight in more than 5.5 million years.  Located in Romania, Movile Cave is over 65 feet (20 meters) below the surface, and its warm, moist air is low in oxygen and thick with toxic gasses, which feed chemosynthetic bacteria. Yet […]

In the Amazon’s ‘sand forests,’ birds play by different evolutionary rules

White sand ecosystem patch at the Reserva de Desenvolvimento Sustentável (RDS) do Uatumã, Central Amazonia. Credit: João Capurucho Picture the Amazon. You’re thinking lush rainforests teeming with animals, right? It turns out, the Amazon Basin contains other less-famous ecosystems that have been under-studied by biologists for years, including patches of habitat growing on white sands. […]

When school is home and home is school, which rules prevail?

Toys that look like weapons. Barefoot students. Disruptive imagery in the background. Pets roaming the room. All a clear violation of rules inside most American classrooms. But that was when most American students were actually inside schools. How do standards like these translate when everyone is logging on from home? Schools are struggling to figure […]

Genome Editing Pioneer Violated Biosafety Rules – Independent Science News

By Edward Hammond, Prickly Research Official documents reveal that Daniel Voytas, a professor at the University of Minnesota and the co-inventor of the genome editing tool TALENs, has been found to have violated basic laboratory biosafety rules for a period of more than two years. Unapproved and unsupervised genetic engineering in the Voytas lab appears […]