Creating a safe CAR T-Cell therapy to fight solid tumors in children — ScienceDaily

Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell therapy — CAR T — has revolutionized leukemia treatment. Unfortunately, the therapy has not been effective for treating solid tumors including childhood cancers such as neuroblastoma. Preclinical studies using certain CAR T against neuroblastoma revealed toxic effects. Now, a group of scientists at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles have developed a modified […]

Is indoor dining safe? Five health experts weigh in.

Many states, like North Carolina, have kept indoor dining open, even as COVID-19 continue to explode. (Nathan Bingle/) This story originally featured on The Conversation. Earlier this fall, many of the nation’s restaurants opened their doors to patrons to eat inside, especially as the weather turned cold in places. Now, as COVID-19 cases surge across […]

Bose built a new kind of workout earbud to keep you safe while you sweat

They’re not as small as other wireless earbuds on the market. (Bose /) Music is a wonderful motivator when you’re running or biking around town. But, packing your ears full of earbuds and blocking out the outside world is a good way to get yourself mashed by a vehicle you never heard coming. Bose hopes […]

How to guarantee a safe, COVID-19-free holiday

Don’t make this a Christmas you’ll regret. (unsplash/) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has strongly advised people not to travel or gather for the winter holidays. COVID-19 cases and deaths are holding at alarming rates across the country, and it’s thought that Thanksgiving-related travel helped fuel surges in some states. With the […]

Is it safe to get the COVID-19 vaccine if you’re pregnant?

So, you’re pregnant in the middle of a pandemic. Is it safe to get a COVID-19 vaccine? Though the shots have not been tested in pregnant or breastfeeding individuals yet, experts told Live Science there’s little reason to think that the available vaccines would be harmful to people who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or that […]

Can Volcano Forecasting Make Visiting Whakaari Safe Again?

One year ago, the volcano on Whakaari/White Island erupted in New Zealand, killing nearly two dozen tourists and critically injuring many others. Survivors and family members of the victims have criticized companies for holding tours during heightened volcanic activity. Now, scientists at the University of Auckland have invented a new way to forecast […]

The FDA says Pfizer’s COVID vaccine is effective and safe

Experts will meet to review the vaccine on Thursday. (Unsplash/) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released an analysis of pharmaceutical company Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine data on Thursday morning. According to the report, the FDA has no specific concerns that would prevent authorization of the vaccine. Pfizer’s vaccine has not yet received an Emergency Use […]

Safe space: improving the “clean” methanol fuel cells using a protective carbon shell

IMAGE: If successfully commercialized, direct methanol fuel cells could replace the ubiquitous lithium-ion batteries in portable electronics thanks to their higher energy density view more  Credit: Unsplash Because of the many environmental problems caused by the use of fossil fuels, many scientists worldwide are focused on finding efficient alternatives. Though high hopes have been placed on […]

Is the Boeing 737 Max safe enough to fly?

The Boeing 737 Max began flying commercially in May 2017 but has been grounded for over a year and a half following two crashes within five months. On October 29 2018, Lion Air Flight 610 took off from Jakarta. It quickly experienced problems in maintaining altitude, entered into an uncontrollable dive and crashed into the Java Sea […]