This new harness lets military dogs parachute safely and with style

The dog is in a flight pod, and that pod rests in a taco-shell-like tray. (Paratec/) Military dogs and their handlers play vital roles, particularly in covert operations. But when these missions occur miles away from base and the humans parachute in, how do you get the dog there too? The latest piece of kit […]

How to shop in person on Black Friday as safely as possible

Shopping in person on Black Friday? Take these precautions before diving into the deals. (Unsplash/) Black Friday is just around the corner, but the COVID-19 pandemic is far from out of sight. Around 65 percent of shoppers are planning on spending their dollars online to avoid the crowds, according to a Deloitte survey about holiday […]

Can we safely burn waste to make fuel like they do in Denmark? Well, it’s complicated

by Thomas Cole-Hunter, Ana Porta Cubas, Christina Magill and Christine Cowie, The Conversation The Amager Bakke power plant in Copenhagen, Denmark. Credit: Shutterstock When it comes to handling the waste crisis in Australia, options are limited: we either export our waste or bury it. But to achieve current national targets, policy-makers are increasingly asking if […]

How to safely celebrate Halloween during COVID-19

There are ways for both kids and adults to enjoy Halloween while also taking precautions against the novel coronavirus. (Pexels/) Halloween this year should have been ripe with possibilities. In 2020, the holiday will fall on a Saturday that also happens to be a full moon and the last day of daylight savings time, promising […]

Clinical trial shows experimental drug safely slows progression of diabetic kidney disease

The findings, simultaneously published in the New England Journal of Medicine and presented at the American Society of Nephrology’s Kidney Week 2020 conference, show the investigational drug finerenone had tangible renal and cardiovascular benefits for patients with chronic kidney disease and type 2 diabetes. The 5,700-person phase III trial was led by George Bakris, MD, […]

National Parks are logging record crowds. Here’s how to visit safely.

Crowds at Midway Geyser Basin in Yellowstone (NPS / Jacob W. Frank/) With many indoor activities on pause or otherwise inadvisable during the COVID-19 pandemic, more Americans have chosen to recreate outside. Hiking, birdwatching, fishing and other outdoorsy pursuits are relatively safe virally speaking, and allow people to exercise and experience the mental health benefits […]