Flexible microtools for safer, more effective surgeries

Thanks to ulta-thin sensors and artificial muscles, future flexible microelectronics will be able to take on complex shapes to better interface with delicate biological tissues without causing damage. Flexible microelectronics are invaluable for medical diagnostic and therapeutic applications and devices that can interface with delicate nerve tissue are making waves in regenerative medicine. Treating damaged […]

Getting rescued by helicopter has risks. This gadget could make it safer.

The litter stabilization system, in this configuration, consists of two units, one at each end of the rescue basket. (Scott C Childress / U.S. Army/) When Caleb Carr was 15, he was taking part in a search-and-rescue training expedition in Oregon, and an adult on the trip suffered a heart attack. A helicopter from the […]

Making microwaves safer for children

A 15-year research and advocacy effort to make microwave ovens safer has led to a change in national manufacturing standards that will make microwaves more difficult for young children to open, protecting them from the severe microwave-related burns that scar hundreds of kids under 5 years old in the United States each year. Researchers at […]

How the autonomous vehicle engineers at Ford are helping to make it safer to drive

Sponsored Content by: Individual sensors working in perfect harmony make driving safer and easier on urban and rural roads. *Preproduction computer-generated image shown. Available late 2020. (Ford/) Every year, driver-assistance technology grows more advanced. If you’ve driven a car made in the last few years, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced enhanced vision at nearly […]

Better “artificial bone” coating to make implants safer and more effective

Superior coating performance achieved compared to existing clinical products, allowing better artificial bone synthesis and coating on the surface of metal and polymer materials. Titanium piece coated with artificial bone. Image credit: KIST Bone diseases, such as osteoporosis, and injuries as a result of bone density loss are becoming more and more prevalent around the […]