Record-breaking laser link could help us test whether Einstein was right

IMAGE: UWA’s rooftop observatory. view more  Credit: ICRAR Scientists from the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) and The University of Western Australia (UWA) have set a world record for the most stable transmission of a laser signal through the atmosphere. In a study published today in the journal Nature Communications, Australian researchers teamed up with researchers […]

Galaxies hit single, doubles, and triple (growing black holes)

IMAGE: This pair of objects comes from a study of seven triple galaxy mergers. By using Chandra and other telescopes, astronomers determined what happened to the supermassive black holes at the centers of… view more  Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/Univ. of Michigan/A. Foord et al.; Optical: SDSS & NASA/STScI When three galaxies collide, what happens to the huge […]

Reawakened geyser does not foretell Yellowstone volcanic eruptions, study shows

IMAGE: A 2019 eruption of Steamboat Geyser in the Norris Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park. The geyser’s first documented activity was in 1878, and it has turned off and on… view more  Credit: UC Berkeley photo by Mara Reed When Yellowstone National Park’s Steamboat Geyser — which shoots water higher than any active geyser in […]

A new TanSat XCO2 global product for climate studies

Since CO2 has been recognized as the most important anthropogenic greenhouse gas owing to its significant impact on global warming and climate change, there have been a substantial number of studies that have focused on investigating the status of CO2 in the atmosphere in the past and present, and how it will change in the […]

Voyager spacecraft detect new type of solar electron burst

IMAGE: The Voyager spacecraft continue to make discoveries even as they travel through interstellar space. In a new study, University of Iowa physicists report on the Voyagers’ detection of cosmic ray… view more  Credit: NASA/JPL More than 40 years since they launched, the Voyager spacecraft are still making discoveries. In a new study, a team of […]

Asteroid’s scars tell stories of its past

IMAGE: This image shows four views of asteroid Bennu along with a corresponding global mosaic. The images were taken on Dec. 2, 2018, by the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft’s PolyCam camera, which is… view more  Credit: NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona By studying impact marks on the surface of asteroid Bennu – the target of NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission – a […]