Rattlesnake venom is lethal, but understanding it could save lives

Unraveling the complicated genetics behind the tiger rattlesnake’s venom could help researchers identify new medications to treat human conditions. (University of South Florida/) The tiger rattlesnake, which lives in Arizona and northern Mexico, produces a highly unusual venom. This venom is deadlier than that of any other rattlesnake, yet also the simplest. Just a handful […]

How to save important photos and video from the web

Protests are often historical events, but you should take care when taking and saving photos and footage. (Koshu Kunii/Unsplash/) We can’t say exactly why you want to save images, videos, social media posts, or other types of information from the internet. We can, however, guess that you’re probably doing it for personal, historical, or accountability […]

Race to save Bangladesh hound from extinction

The rare Sarail hound is a breed on the brink of extinction In a rickety hut on the border with Bangladesh and India, two brothers are among the last local breeders of the Sarail hound, a dog on the brink of extinction. Tall and lean with a powerful chest, pointed ears and bi-coloured fur, the […]

Would you eat a python to save the Everglades?

Floridians could begin seeing a new slithery item on their menus — Burmese pythons. The invasive species is so out of control in the state that the government may begin encouraging the new meal as a way to help keep the snake’s numbers under control, as long as they aren’t filled with toxic mercury.  Before […]

How lessons from bees, leaves and our own blood may help us save civilization

Credit: Kevin Krajick/Earth Institute Once upon a time, everything theoretically could be managed with neatly functioning human inventions: wars could be won, diseases cured, weather predicted, crops improved. These days, things seem to be spinning out of control: violent weather, catastrophic wildfires, political upheavals, a global pandemic—all in a world increasingly crowded and interconnected by […]

Save 53% on AncestryDNA testing kit for Black Friday

Need a gift for a special someone who seems to have everything? Or perhaps a friend or partner who is interested in their ancestors or just in history? AncestryDNA may be the perfect holiday present. And right now, Amazon is selling the kit for $47.00, which is 53% off the normal list price.  The kit […]

Unique kitchen appliances that will save you time and money

Upgrade your kitchen. (Drinkworks/) Some of us aren’t savvy in the kitchen, but none of us are immune to the reality that much of our waking lives revolve around acquiring food and drink. Where, when, and how will our next meal or beverage come to be? Flexibility is key when you’re assembling a home environment […]

Nvidia’s new streaming tech deep fakes your face to save on bandwidth

The platform offers a variety of video calling enhancements beyond the bandwidth savings. (Nvidia/) There are plenty of ways you can improve the quality of your video calls, but adding fancy microphones and elaborate lighting setups can only help so much. NVIDIA, which makes graphics processing units (GPUs), recently released a new platform called Maxine […]

Save 50% on your favorite magazines this Black Friday

Are you looking to bag an early holiday gift for the scientist, engineer or budding astrophysicist in your life? Then, this Black Friday is the perfect time to check that gift off your shopping list, or simply treat yourself to reading material for 2021!  Over at MagazinesDirect.com you can save massive 50% on  subscriptions of […]

Botanists save rare North American plants to preserve biodiversity

No plant should have to end this way. North America’s various beach plums bear purple-blue, cherry-sized fruits that make for a beloved New England jelly. The small trees’ tolerance for salty, wind-blasted shores impresses biologists. But even a beach plum has limits. One of the plum’s distinctive forms, named in 1897 for physician Charles B. […]