How your daily screen time affects your wellbeing

Focusing your eyes—and your mind—on a device for too long may have negative effects on your health. (Mehdi Lamaaffar from Unsplash/) These days, far too many of us end our work days by closing one screen and turning to another. And with COVID-19 cases continuing to spike across the country, staying home and staring at […]

Razer’s concept gaming chair wraps players in a huge, curved screen

It’s not as elaborate as other all-in-one workstations from companies like Acer. (Razer /) Elaborate gaming chairs are a CES staple. Every year, there’s at least one—usually more—elaborate multi-monitor workstation that looks like something you’d find in a NASA training facility or in the bedroom of that one guy at work who really loves Battlestar […]

Light signal emitted during photosynthesis used to quickly screen crops — ScienceDaily

An international effort called Realizing Increased Photosynthetic Efficiency (RIPE) aims to transform crops’ ability to turn sunlight and carbon dioxide into higher yields. To achieve this, scientists are analyzing thousands of plants to find out what tweaks to the plant’s structure or its cellular machinery could increase production. University of Illinois researchers have revealed a […]

Portable projectors that bring the big screen to you

Stream anywhere you are. (Amazon/) Sometimes a small screen just won’t cut it when it comes to watching your favorite films or tuning into live events. A portable projector is a great way to expand your display beyond the limits of a television or laptop. They are surprisingly easy to use and super compact, so […]

Operations on screen: Creating an accessible surgery simulator

IMAGE: UOC and Universidad de Manizales in Colombia are developing a low-cost surgery simulator to train surgeons’ psychomotor skills (National Cancer Institute – Unsplash) view more  Credit: (National Cancer Institute – Unsplash) Practice makes perfect. In the complex world of medicine too, where just a millimetre can make the difference between success and failure. In partnership […]