Searching for invisible axion dark matter with a new multiple-cell cavity haloscope

Figure showing the cross-sectional view of various multiple-cell (double-, quadruple-, and octuple-cell) cavities with the expected distribution of the axion-induced electric field by the resonant mode of interest. Credit: Jeong et al. Over the past few decades, many experimental physicists have been probing the existence of particles called axions, which would result from a specific […]

Glimpse the gold mine where scientists are searching for dark matter

For decades, physicists have been trying to spy dark matter. An elaborate camera trap might soon glimpse it for the first time. (Matthew Kapust/Sanford Underground Research Facility/) Listen to an exclusive audio version of this story by subscribing to Apple News+. There was a pause, just before the cage doors came rattling closed and we […]

Searching databases without a processor

A new computing paradigm could help us to overcome a key performance bottleneck to improve our ability to query large data bases. Databases are central to information technology and the digital universe in general. When querying large databases, one of the main challenges is to retrieve the stored data and to bring it to the […]