Satellite data identifies companies fishing in high seas

A team of researchers, using satellite data and other analytical tools, has identified companies fishing in high seas–waters that lie outside of national jurisdiction where fishing has raised fears about environmental and labor violations. The study, which appears in the journal One Earth, is the first to link companies to fishing activity in these largely […]

Robot probes the Red Sea’s carbon storage system

By studying the fate of organic carbon in the Red Sea, KAUST researchers hope to refine models that predict the carbon sink capacity of the world’s oceans in the future. Credit: Susann Rossbach Warming waters and oxygen depletion in the Red Sea could slow the flow of organic carbon from the surface into the deep […]

A Floating Buoy Fleet Could Help Scientists Track Rising Seas

As climate warms, thermal expansion of seawater and meltwater from ice over land that flows into the ocean both cause sea level rise, potentially threatening coastal communities and fragile coastal ecosystems. Rising sea levels therefore provide a way to measure climate change. Both local and global predictions of this rise rely on accurate […]

Satellite to track rising seas as climate warms

Sentinel-6 is set to be hoisted into a low-Earth 1,300-kilometre (800-mile) orbit by a Space X Falcon 9 rocket from California on Saturday An Earth-observation satellite developed by European and US space agencies set to lift off Saturday will measure sea level rise, tracking changes threatening to disrupt tens of millions of lives within a […]

Charleston weighs wall as seas rise and storms strengthen

As high tide laps against the sea wall tourist walk down the Battery in Charleston, S.C. Friday, Nov. 13, 2020. Charleston has remained relatively unscathed this hurricane season. That means more time to mull a $1.75 billion proposal by the Army Corps of Engineers that features a sea wall along the city’s peninsula to protect […]

Rising Seas and Agriculture Created Wetlands Along the U.S. East Coast

Most of the tidal marshes along the eastern coast of the United States formed within the past 6,000 years, according to new research published in Geophysical Research Letters. Braswell et al. used new and existing data to assess the age of coastal wetland areas. The new study found evidence for two bouts of […]

Could an ancient megashark still lurk in the deep seas?

The notion of the megalodon continues to captivate humans. Could this giant, ancient shark still lurk on the ocean floor? (Esther van Hulsen/) It’s got to be out there. It doesn’t matter that Otodus megalodon has by all scientific accounts been extinct for more than 3 million years. The ongoing earthly presence of the enormous […]