Students Monitor Campus Noise in Seismic Silence

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, university scientists have faced challenges surrounding how to best teach online. But in one way, the COVID-19-associated lockdowns created a rare opportunity: Far fewer vibrations from human activity exposed low levels of seismic noise, allowing researchers to use inexpensive, portable equipment to enrich Earth science education and reveal hidden […]

Wildfires Threaten West Coast’s Seismic Network

As climate change increases the threat of wildfires, U.S. states are battling historic blazes. On the West Coast, the fires have put at risk several hundred seismic stations tasked with protecting citizens from earthquakes—nonseasonal but ever present scourges. The network of seismic stations inform ShakeAlert, an earthquake early-warning system designed to give people […]

Eruption Seismic Tremor Modeled as a Fluvial Process

Volcano seismic tremor precedes and accompanies volcanic eruptions and therefore contains critical information for eruption forecasting and early warning. A rich literature of models for volcanic tremor coalesces around mechanisms that relate to magma and gas flow processes. Gestrich et al. [2020] presents a model that leverages research on the seismicity associated with […]