Navigating uncertainty: Why we need decision theory during a pandemic

IMAGE: Modern decision theory can assist policymakers in critical times such as the COVID-19 crisis, argue Bocconi University’s Massimo Marinacci and Valentina Bosetti in a paper coauthored by Nobel laureate Lars… view more  Credit: Paolo Tonato During a pandemic, decisions have to be made under time pressure and amid scientific uncertainty, with potential disagreements among experts […]

Knowing the model you can trust – the key to better decision-making

As much of Europe is engulfed by a second wave of Covid-19, and track and trace struggles to meet demand, modelling support tools are being increasingly used by policymakers to make key decisions. Most notably, models have been used to predict the Covid-19 R0 rate – the average rate of secondary infections from a single […]

Timekeeping theory combines quantum clocks and Einstein’s relativity

IMAGE: Quantum mechanics allows for a clock to move as if it were simultaneously traveling at two different speeds. New research finds that this leads to a correction in atomic clocks… view more  Credit: Petra Korlevic HANOVER, N.H. – October 23, 2020 – A phenomenon of quantum mechanics known as superposition can impact timekeeping in high-precision […]