Air pressure makes Mount Everest ‘shrink’ by thousands of feet, new study finds

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world — but sometimes, it feels like the second-tallest, according to a story reported in the American Geophysical Union’s news blog Eos. That’s because the mountain’s air pressure fluctuates significantly throughout the year, a recent study found, causing the summit’s “perceived elevation” to occasionally dip below that […]

Thousands flee as Indonesian volcano bursts to life

Thousands have evacuated after Indonesia’s Mount Ili Lewotolok erupted Sunday Thousands have fled the scene of a rumbling Indonesian volcano that burst to life for the first time in several years, belching a massive column of smoke and ash, the disaster agency said Monday. The evacuation of more than 4,400 residents came as Mount Ili […]

Thousands of seals found dead in Namibia

An estimated 7,000 Cape fur seals have been discovered dead at a breeding colony in central Namibia, scientists said on Saturday. Conservationist Naude Dreyer of the charity Ocean Conservation Namibia began noticing dead seals littering the sandy beaches of the Pelican Point colony near Walvis Bay city in September. Then in the first two weeks […]