Tiny particles that seed clouds can form from trace gases over open sea — ScienceDaily

New results from an atmospheric study over the Eastern North Atlantic reveal that tiny aerosol particles that seed the formation of clouds can form out of next to nothingness over the open ocean. This “new particle formation” occurs when sunlight reacts with molecules of trace gases in the marine boundary layer, the atmosphere within about […]

Toddler swallowed half a dozen tiny magnets. Some got stuck in his throat.

After a toddler swallowed six tiny-but-powerful magnets, two of them became stuck in his throat, adhering to each other and pinching his tissue, according to a new report of the case. The 3-year-old swallowed the magnetic beads while his older sister was babysitting him, according to the report, published Jan. 19 in The Journal of […]

Tiny particles that seed clouds can form from trace gases over open sea

Results from a study of clouds and aerosols conducted in the Azores revealed that new particles can seed the formation of clouds in the marine boundary layer—the atmosphere up to about a kilometer above Earth’s surface—even over the open ocean, where the concentration of precursor gases was expected to be low. Image courtesy of the […]

Samsung is betting big on tiny LEDs for its 2021 TV lineup

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Tiny wireless device sheds light on combating obesity — ScienceDaily

Gastric bypass surgery is sometimes the last resort for those who struggle with obesity or have serious health-related issues due to their weight. Since this procedure involves making a small stomach pouch and rerouting the digestive tract, it is very invasive and prolongs the recovery period for patients. In a new study, researchers at Texas […]

Baikal seals feed on tiny crustaceans like whales do

Baikal seals are fans of bite-sized portions, and this dietary quirk may be why the seals are thriving. Found in Russia’s immense Lake Baikal, the Siberian mammals devour tiny marine crustaceans, likely using comblike teeth in a manner similar to how baleen whales feed, a new study finds. The research suggests that Baikal seals (Pusa […]

Tiny nanospindles enhance use of ultrasound to fight cancer

Vanadium-doped titanium dioxide nanospindles encased in polyethylene glycol (PEG) and used in combination with ultrasound waves can kill cancer cells. Credit: Liang Cheng Ultrasound can be used to treat cancer when used in combination with molecules that sensitize the system to sound waves. These sonosensitizers generate toxic reactive oxygen species that attack and kill tumor […]

Tiny brain tissue models grown on microchips

Researchers successfully grow 3D brain tissue on fully-integrated microchips for neural biosensing applications. 3D neural cell assemblies, or brain organoids, are a rapidly growing and emerging technology that promises to revolutionize our understanding of brain development and disease. These in vivo cultures of neurons can range from self-standing cell aggregates, or spheroids, up to more […]

Tiny new species of sea blob hovers ‘like a hot air balloon’ over the seabed

Deep in an underwater canyon off the coast of Puerto Rico, there’s a party of balloon-like sea creatures keeping things festive in the abyssal depths. Their bodies are small — about the size of a golf tee (just over 2 inches, or 6 centimeters, long) — but they’re vibrant; when the creatures move and pulse, […]