Four tips for bake-off worthy cakes

You’ll need real skill and training to do something like this, but you can always improve with a little practice. (American Heritage Chocolate/Unsplash/) This story was originally featured on Saveur. For no-fail, sky-high layer cakes, like the fluffy Southern cakes from Ben Mims’ story Southern Dreams, there are a few simple rules to follow. These […]

To take the most relaxing bath ever, add some healthy tips

A simple soak can do wonders. Science says you can do better than simple, though. (Taisiia Stupak via Unsplash/) Baths are relaxing. This is, while perhaps not a universal truth, at least a decidedly uncontroversial opinion to have. And while research on bathing isn’t the booming field of study it deserves to be, the data […]

13 tips, tricks, and projects to start 2021 off right

You may find this little seat has countless uses around your home. (Courtney Starr/) It’s been a tumultuous year, but we’ve learned a lot. Here at PopSci DIY, we started 2020 happily testing methods of reheating pizza and ended it trying to figure out how to prevent our glasses from fogging up while we wore […]

Five tips for taking care of your over-washed hands

Taking this pic must have hurt. Make sure you show your hands some love. ( Clay Banks / Unsplash/) Every December, it’s exactly the same: Between the cold wind, the snow, and the heating, your skin just seems to say “nope,” and shrivel to death. But this year, in true 2020 fashion, things are actually […]

10 winter survival tips everyone should know

If you’re trapped out here, you’ll need to use your brain to survive. (Thom Milkovic/Unsplash/) This story was originally featured on Outdoor Life. We’ve been fighting against the cold since the dawn of humanity and have had plenty of time to devise strategies that allow us to survive in frigid weather. We’ve also had ample […]

Take a stab at spearfishing with these tips

A successful spearfisherman kicks to the surface with a hefty striper. (peter correale/) This story originally featured on Outdoor Life. I still remember the first fish I speared like you remember your first deer. As I broke through a murky surface layer of river water into the blue gulf water beneath, I was greeted by […]

Seven pro tips for the new Chromecast with Google TV

One watchlist, no wasted subscriptions. (Google /) Google has pushed out a brand new streaming dongle—the Chromecast with Google TV. This new gadget was designed to be a one-stop solution for all your audio and video streaming needs, and it’s part Chromecast, part Android TV, with an extra layer of Google TV on top. If […]

Simple tips for getting black bears to leave you alone

Cute, yes, but not when it’s trying to steal your food. (Alexandre Brondino/Unsplash/) Bud Ahrens thought he’d done everything right, but a bear still found him. After setting up camp in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Minnesota, he and his camping companion put away their gear, hung their food from a high branch […]

Fight election season burnout with these mental health tips

Elections can be stressful, but this moment—this moment is for you. (Radu Florin/Unsplash/) Staying involved in politics is tough. It seems like there is a new controversy in the news every day, and campaigns now last for so long that as soon as one election ends, the next crop of candidates appears. The non-stop political […]