Scientists solve mystery of mass coho salmon deaths. The killer? A chemical from car tires

Coho salmon, Tillamook State Forest, Oregon. Credit: Oregon Department of Forestry When officials in Seattle spent millions of dollars restoring the creeks along Puget Sound—tending to the vegetation, making the stream beds less muddy, building better homes for fish—they were thrilled to see coho salmon reappear. But when it rained, more than half, sometimes all, […]

Salmon are dying off and your car tires might be to blame

Scientists found that a number of coho salmon died while swimming through urban waterways in the Pacific Northwest. (CREDIT: John R. McMillan, NOAA Fisheries/NWFSC/) Every fall, coho salmon undertake an epic journey from the ocean back to the freshwater streams and creeks where they were born so they can reproduce and then die shortly after. […]