8 times nature was totally metal in 2020

This year, a lively debate raged in the scientific community: Just how metal (see: epic, awesome, brutal) was nature in 2020? Following yet another year of record wildfires, hurricanes and high temperatures, climate scientists determined that 2020 was in fact the most metal year on record since record-keeping began. But paleontologists countered, saying that nature […]

6 times that 2020 showed us women from antiquity were totally badass

Throughout history, women have been fighters, strategists and charismatic leaders, performing feats of strength, cunning and bravery. And in 2020, archaeologists uncovered intriguing evidence from the past showing that women didn’t hesitate to kick butt and take names. From hoisting a spear to hurling a vengeful spell, here are six times that women from antiquity […]

Our solar system is going to totally disintegrate sooner than we thought

Although the ground beneath our feet feels solid and reassuring (most of the time), nothing in this Universe lasts forever. One day, our sun will die, ejecting a large proportion of its mass before its core shrinks down into a white dwarf, gradually leaking heat until it’s nothing more than a cold, dark, dead lump of […]