Raven ‘queen’ missing from Tower of London, feared dead

One of the iconic ravens that resides in the Tower of London is missing, and officials fear the worst. Will the tower fall, as legend warns? (Probably not.) Merlina, a female raven (Corvus corax), joined the corvid community at the tower in 2007, and has reigned since then as “the ruler of the roost,” tower representatives […]

Giant Aztec skull ‘tower’ unearthed in Mexico

Archaeologists in Mexico City have discovered 119 human skulls arranged in a “trophy” tower that the Aztecs built about 500 years ago, according to Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History.  The new finding shows just how extensive the tower is; in 2015, researchers discovered part of the tower — thought to be the main […]

Coral ‘tower’ taller than the Empire State Building discovered off Australian coast

An underwater research vessel has stumbled upon a gargantuan coral reef, standing like a monolithic tower off the coast of northern Australia. According to scientists at the Schmidt Ocean Institute, who are conducting a yearlong expedition of the ocean around Australia, this newly discovered reef stands more than 1,640 feet (500 meters) high from base […]