Detecting trace amounts of multiple classes of antibiotics in foods

Widespread use of antibiotics in human healthcare and livestock husbandry has led to trace amounts of the drugs ending up in food products. Long-term consumption could cause health problems, but it’s been difficult to analyze more than a few antibiotics at a time because they have different chemical properties. Now, researchers reporting in ACS’ Journal […]

Tiny particles that seed clouds can form from trace gases over open sea — ScienceDaily

New results from an atmospheric study over the Eastern North Atlantic reveal that tiny aerosol particles that seed the formation of clouds can form out of next to nothingness over the open ocean. This “new particle formation” occurs when sunlight reacts with molecules of trace gases in the marine boundary layer, the atmosphere within about […]

Tiny particles that seed clouds can form from trace gases over open sea

Results from a study of clouds and aerosols conducted in the Azores revealed that new particles can seed the formation of clouds in the marine boundary layer—the atmosphere up to about a kilometer above Earth’s surface—even over the open ocean, where the concentration of precursor gases was expected to be low. Image courtesy of the […]

Trace fossil reveals more about this ancient creature’s behavior — ScienceDaily

Simon Fraser University researchers have found evidence that large ambush-predatory worms — some as long as two metres — roamed the ocean floor near Taiwan over 20 million years ago. The finding, published today in the journal Scientific Reports, is the result of reconstructing an unusual trace fossil that they identified as a burrow of […]

Researchers trace geologic origins of Gulf of Mexico ‘super basin’ success

The Sun lights up the Texas and Louisiana coast. According to researchers at the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics, the unique geology of the Gulf of Mexico has helped contribute to its success as an oil and gas producing ‘super basin’. Credit: NASA The Gulf of Mexico holds huge untapped offshore oil deposits that […]

Team of international researchers trace digital steps along the migration path — ScienceDaily

The spread of the Internet is shaping migration in profound ways. A McGill-led study of over 150 countries links Internet penetration with migration intentions and behaviours, suggesting that digital connectivity plays a key role in migration decisions and actively supports the migration process. Countries with higher proportions of Internet users tend to have more people […]

Geoscientists use zircon to trace origin of Earth’s continents

Jesse Reimink, assistant professor of geosciences at Penn State, is among a team of researchers to use the mineral zircon to help understand how the Earth’s continents formed billions of years ago. Credit: Penn State Geoscientists have long known that some parts of the continents formed in the Earth’s deep past, but the speed in […]

Tracking Trace Elements in the Ganga River

The Ganga (Ganges) River, which flows through northern India and Bangladesh, drains more than 1 million square kilometers of land and provides water to almost half a billion people along its course from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal. The river is an immensely important socioeconomic and ecological feature in the region, […]