Scientists improved eye tracking technology in VR systems

IMAGE: The tracking of eye movement is one of the key elements of virtual and amplified reality technologies (VR/AR). A team from MSU together with a professor from RUDN University developed… view more  Credit: RUDN University The tracking of eye movement is one of the key elements of virtual and amplified reality technologies (VR/AR). A team […]

Tracking How Plastic Moves in the Coastal Ocean

At least 8 million tons of plastic waste wind up in the ocean annually, collecting in great swirling patches on the surface and even sinking to the deepest depths. Researchers know that most of this plastic litter originates on land, but it is less clear how it moves around in the coastal zone, […]

How to stop websites from tracking you

If only trackers were as loud as neon. (Aleks Marinkovic / Unsplash/) From the moment you connect your laptop or phone to the internet, you have to make peace with the fact that somebody’s tracking you. If this is upsetting, you should know you’ve got a growing number of options for finding out who is […]

One night tracking mysterious colugos across treetops in Malaysia

My companions scanned the treetops with binoculars and a thermal-imaging monocular. I stared at the branches and leaves, pretending I knew what to look for. It was a cool June evening just before sunset on a village road on Langkawi Island, Malaysia. “There’s one! Up there,” one of the biologists called out. I squinted at […]

Scientists are tracking down deep sea creatures with free-floating DNA

Environmental DNA (eDNA) metabarcoding, involves sequencing samples of seawater that contain pieces of genetic code shed by organisms to get a sense of population density and species variety in the ocean. (Pixabay/) NASA is planning a new crewed trip to the Moon, but there’s somewhere almost equally mysterious here on Earth that scientists are working […]

How the same tech in your Nintendo Wii is tracking wild and wily wolverines

For ecologists studying wolverines — mid-sized carnivores found across the boreal forest and Arctic tundra of North America, across Europe’s Nordic mainland, and throughout the Russian north — technology that you’d find in a smartphone is offering an unparalleled glimpse of how these animals behave.  Twenty-five years ago, the only technology available to study wild […]

Tracking Trace Elements in the Ganga River

The Ganga (Ganges) River, which flows through northern India and Bangladesh, drains more than 1 million square kilometers of land and provides water to almost half a billion people along its course from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal. The river is an immensely important socioeconomic and ecological feature in the region, […]