Large transporter protein linked to schizophrenia

IMAGE: Abnormalities in the cholesterol transport protein ABCA13 have been shown to lead to schizophrenia in a mouse model. view more  Credit: Mindy Takamiya/Kyoto University iCeMS Scientists have suspected mutations in a cellular cholesterol transport protein are associated with psychiatric disorders, but have found it difficult to prove this and to pinpoint how it happens. Now, […]

Vitamin C’s effectiveness against COVID may hinge on vitamin’s natural transporter levels

IMAGE: Drs. Sadanand Fulzele and Carlos Isales view more  Credit: Kim Ratliff, Production Coordinator, Augusta University High doses of vitamin C under study for treating COVID-19 may benefit some populations, but investigators exploring its potential in aging say key factors in effectiveness include levels of the natural transporter needed to get the vitamin inside cells. Age, […]