Stuck at home? Trick your brain into treating a staycation like the real thing.

Get outside your head without leaving your house. (Unsplash/) Taking a vacation has many benefits for your body and mind. A timely getaway can lower your stress and, with it, your risk of life-threatening issues like heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. Even short vacations—four nights, according to one study—can significantly improve your feeling of well-being. […]

Rescue dried-out cheese with this simple trick

It’s just cheese, olive oil, and some herbs or spices. (Matt Taylor-Gross/) This story was originally featured on Saveur. When Pedro, my host father, offered me some cheese, I didn’t expect him to reach into the kitchen cupboard. The previous weeks as an American teenager in Castilla-La Mancha had felt like Spanish culinary hazing: I’d […]

Laser technology: New trick for infrared laser pulses

IMAGE: Gottfried Strasser, Benedikt Schwarz, Johannes Hillbrand and Nikola Opacak view more  Credit: TU Wien Ordinary solid-state lasers, as used in laser pointers, generate light in the visible range. For many applications, however, such as the detection of molecules, radiation in the mid-infrared range is needed. Such infrared lasers are much more difficult to manufacture, especially […]