Molecules convert visible light into ultraviolet light with record efficiency

Newly developed molecular system makes efficient conversion of sunlight and indoor LEDs into ultraviolet light possible to power photocatalysts that enable a variety of useful reactions. Image credit: Nobuhiro Yanai, Kyushu University Light-powered processes from hydrogen production to air purification could see a boost in performance under ambient light thanks to a new material system […]

The ultraviolet glow around some galaxies may come from runaway stars

Hot blue stars kicked out of their cradles may explain a mysterious ultraviolet glow that surrounds the disks of many spiral galaxies. A new computer simulation demonstrates that these runaway stars can populate the vast expanses beyond a galaxy’s visible disk (SN: 3/23/20). These distant regions have gas that is too warm and tenuous to […]

This tardigrade’s blue glow gives protection from ultraviolet light

When blasted with ultraviolet radiation, a newly discovered species of tardigrade protects itself by glowing blue. Tardigrades, microscopic animals also known as water bears or moss piglets, are nature’s ultimate survivor. They’re game for temperatures below –270° Celsius and up to 150° C and can withstand the vacuum of space, and some are especially resistant […]