Rattlesnake venom is lethal, but understanding it could save lives

Unraveling the complicated genetics behind the tiger rattlesnake’s venom could help researchers identify new medications to treat human conditions. (University of South Florida/) The tiger rattlesnake, which lives in Arizona and northern Mexico, produces a highly unusual venom. This venom is deadlier than that of any other rattlesnake, yet also the simplest. Just a handful […]

Snakes evolve a magnetic way to be resistant to venom — ScienceDaily

Certain snakes have evolved a unique genetic trick to avoid being eaten by venomous snakes, according to University of Queensland research. Associate Professor Bryan Fry from UQ’s Toxin Evolution Lab said the technique worked in a manner similar to the way two sides of a magnet repel each other. “The target of snake venom neurotoxins […]