Video gaming is for everybody now. Here’s how to get back into it.

Spending time indoors can always be a bit more fun. (Matilda Wormwood / Pexels/) Video games are an excellent way to relax. They can be meditative, social, or just a wild way to blow off some steam. Perhaps best of all, they demand your full attention. It’s hard to play The Last of Us 2 […]

Striking new video captures moment when Mount Etna recently erupted

New video shows the moment when Mount Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano, spewed bubbling lava and hot ash into the Sicilian sky earlier this week. On Sunday (Jan. 17), lava began “oozing” from the Etna’s southeast crater and toward the east, according to Boris Behncke, a volcanologist at the INGV-Osservatorio Etneo in Catania, Sicily, Express […]

How to save important photos and video from the web

Protests are often historical events, but you should take care when taking and saving photos and footage. (Koshu Kunii/Unsplash/) We can’t say exactly why you want to save images, videos, social media posts, or other types of information from the internet. We can, however, guess that you’re probably doing it for personal, historical, or accountability […]

RNA ties itself in knots, then unties itself in mesmerizing video

Striking new videos show how RNA — the genetic molecule that tells cells how to build proteins — tangles up in insane knots as it forms, only to disentangle itself at the last second, and in a way that took scientists by surprise.  The high-resolution videos depict a bouncing conga line of nucleotides, the building […]

Best computer speakers: Make music, video chats, and more a whole lot clearer

Elevate your audio with these great computer speakers. (Sebastian Bednarek via Unsplash/) Let’s face it: The audio capability of your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone probably isn’t anywhere near powerful enough to get the party started. Sure, many computers deliver sound that might be passable if you’re watching a tutorial, catching the latest viral video, […]

Video: Will it kombucha?

Credit: The American Chemical Society Kombucha is a bubbly, fermented tea that has gained popularity in the health and wellness scene over the last decade—but what is it exactly? This week, the Reactions team breaks down kombucha’s chemistry and investigates which ordinary beverages they can turn into kombucha: Kombucha: What it is, where it came […]

Reactive Video playback that you control with your body

Computer scientists have developed an entirely new way of interacting with video content that adapts to, and is controlled by, your body movement. Fitness videos and other instructional content that aims to teach viewers new martial arts skills, exercises or yoga positions have been popular since VHS in the 80s and are abundant on […]

Gifts that make video calls look and feel more glamorous

Whether you want to share a mic or keep it to yourself, you’ll need the right sound equipment. (Andrew Lozovyi/Deposit Photos/) Last year, when the holidays rolled around, we had no idea how important video chatting was about to become. Now, it’s common to spend large chunks of our days and nights gabbing at a […]

How to put video calls on your TV

True reality TV. (Facebook/) We’re all getting more comfortable working and socializing over video apps, whether it’s office meetings on Zoom or family catch-ups over FaceTime. But squinting at your friends, relatives, or colleagues on your phone, tablet, or computer screen doesn’t always feel like a personal interaction. They’re just so… small. If you want […]